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SourceAmerica's Six Year Medical Program & Affordable Medical Education

Welcome to your future in medicine. Imagine completing your medical education in 6 years while having the experience of a lifetime. By accessing the European medical community, students have excellent opportunities to deal with the restrictions and limited numbers of openings in the US medical schools. The European option opens the door for hundreds of active young minds to pursue their dreams. To say it another way, there are a lot of great basketball players who can’t play in the NBA. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t great ball players. It simply means that there aren’t enough spots.

This approach to higher education may sound completely new. However, it has been available for over a decade and recently brought into the spotlight to support the global medical community. Together, Source America and their affiliate universities in Europe bring you access to this Affordable Medical Educational.

The six-year “Direct Entry Program” allow students to enroll in medical school directly from high school. Unlike the typical American system, that requires four years of undergraduate study followed by four more years of medical school, the Six Year Medical Program is a combined undergraduate and graduate education in the medical sciences. Importantly, The MCAT exam is neither required not evaluated in considering a candidate’s application. To clarify, the program does not compress the entire four year undergraduate curriculum into two years. Instead, the medically relevant parts of each course are selected and the non-medical courses are eliminated. In medical biology, for example, there is very little mention of plants or photosynthesis. Similarly in organic chemistry, there is very little talk of plastics, polymers and NMR spectra. Moreover, there are no formal Fine Arts or Social Studies requirements – so the course load is not overwhelming. In fact, the programs are designed for young students graduating from high school. Students even have both summer and winter vacations (unlike some accelerated programs in the States).

Who can be Accepted to the Six Year Medical Education Program?

Source America was founded in an effort to provide access to a medical school education that would normally be out-of-reach for many promising youth.  There are many reasons that children in America cannot attend medical school, among them:
  • Severely limited seats in US medical schools
  • Overly rigid entrance requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • High cost of education in the United States. Performance anxiety in standardized testing situations.
  • Performance anxiety in standardized testing situations.
  • Unrecognized potential
Through experiences in medical school overseas and through contacts cultivated, both personal and professional, Source America has brought together a plan that could literally change lives. Together with affiliate medical schools, the mission is to provide opportunities to individuals who might otherwise “fall through the gaps”.

The European Union’s standardized medical education curriculum makes it possible for many high school students to attend medical school by recognizing the potential each individual has for learning and growth, rather than analyzing the knowledge currently possessed by that person.

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