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Chairman: Dr. Satya Ahuja

Dr. Satya AhujaDr. Satya Ahuja is a specialist in nephrology and is a medical director of South Shore Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Ahuja is an active trustee of American Association of Physicians of Indian origin which represents over 55,000 medical doctors in the USA. He also held important positions in American College of Physicians, American Society of Nephrology, National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and Indian American Medical Association. Dr. Ahuja has been guiding the Indian American youth in matters of medical education. He is also politically very active with Congressmen and Senators for the betterment of Asian Indian community.

Board of Director: Dr. Virendra Bisla

Dr. Satya AhujaDr. Virendra Bisla is a practicing cardiologist for over 30 years. He is a noted community activist and well-known for his professionalism and his influence on mainstream politicians. Dr. Bisla is the director of cardio-vascular services at EHS Trinity Hospital in Chicago. He is a member of the Outpatient Surgery Commission of the State of Illinois and serving member of the Commission of Illinois Department of Public Health. Dr. Bisla also initiated the Paul Simon Bill and testified in the US Senate for the FMG Bill, which banned discrimination against immigrant doctors.

Board of Director: Bharat S.Thakkar, Ph. D

Dr. Satya AhujaDr. Thakkar received his MS and PhD degrees both in mechanical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology at Chicago in 1967 and 1976, respectively. Currently, Associate Professor, Core Business Faculty at Argosy University, Chicago and Consultant and CEO, PREM Group, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois, offers workshops and seminars on engineering and technology management problems to domestic and international clients. He has been teaching business courses with emphasis on operations management, change, decision-making, and leadership. His association with Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories), Argonne National Laboratories, and teaching at the local area universities brought a new perspective in management with industrial and academic experience. Thakkar published and presented over twenty technical papers and holds two  U. S. patents.

President: Prashant Shah

Dr. Satya AhujaPrashant Shah is the founder, president and director of India Tribune which is serving the Indian and Pakistani communities for over 32 years. Though chemist by education, Shah has successfully captured publishing market and made India Tribune a household name for Indians living in the United States of America. With his commitment, sincerity and hard work, Shah never gives up any task till he succeeds and reaches its goal.

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