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Working around the clock and around the world, SourceAmerica provides students with everything they need to succeed.  All services are provided by our hand-picked team of medical doctors, professors and experienced relocation personnel. We do the work so that our student can concentrate on what’s really important. Source America is primarily affiliated with three Medical Universities in Bulgaria:

Sofia Medical University  |  Official School Website  |  Discover Sofia

  • Sofia Medical University was established in 1918
  • Sofia University’s professor and associate professor staff comprises about 400 members
  • The Medical Faculty at Sofia has 47 departments and clinical centers
Pleven Medical University  |  Official School Website  |  Discover Pleven
  • Pleven, Medical University in Bulgaria, has 1,000 Beds in their hospital, compared to the biggest hospital in Chicago with 600 beds
  • Pleven Medical University has been training doctors for more than 30 years
  • Pleven University’s teaching staff comprises about 300 members

Note: Source America is the representative of these Bulgarian Medical Universities.

  "Hands-On" Experience

(+) European Medical Schools provide students with a practical education.

(+) European Medical Students get valuable and useful ‘hands-on’ experience that their American counterparts do not get until after graduation, during residency.

(+) Since medicine is a ‘hands-on’ profession, this is logically the most effective way for students to learn – just think about it.

Affordable Medical Education

(+) Generally, European Medical schools are much less expensive than American Medical Schools.

(+) In Bulgaria, Medical School tuition ranges from $9,000 to $12,000 per year (not per semester).

(+) This makes it financially possible for many families to provide their children with a fully-accredited, 6 year Medical Education.
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