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USMLE - United States Medical Licensing Examination is a 3-step examination for US medical licensure. Everyone wishing to practice in the States (even US graduates) must pass the USMLE.


The Six-Year Medical Program , offer university integrated USMLE review, with optional extracurricular test-prep courses.

(+) Life After Medical School

The goal of most medical graduates is to get into a residency program and go on to practice medicine. Graduates from both the Six Year Medical Program is free to join the residency “match” along with their American counterparts. In fact, guidance is provided to prepare you along the way by providing access to review courses and by tracking each student’s progress in the residency application process. Source America will provide information regarding requirements and deadlines so that students can focus on the main task – studying.

International graduates can be found in every field of practice from Family Practice to Neurology to Pediatrics and even specialties such as Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery. The type of specialties that students can pursue will depend largely on the residency that they choose. Where to practice is completely up to the student. Some people like the exciting world of a busy inner city Trauma center, while others prefer the quiet family clinic environment in the countryside. As a licensed physicians, the students can set-up practice just about anywhere.
Research & Consulting

Not all doctors practice clinical medicine. Research opportunities are available in everything from stem-cell research to medical equipment & supplies to pharmaceuticals. Additionally, most healthcare associated companies pay handsome salaries and bonuses for degreed physicians who consult for them on a part-time or full-time basis. The MD degree makes the graduate an expert in the healthcare field – companies will pay for their opinion.


Shortage of Doctors

(+) In the next 10 years, the nation will have a shortage of 85,000 to 200,000 doctors.

(+) American Medical Schools cannot train enough doctors to meet the needs of the population.

Source: www.usatoday.com

The Future of Healthcare
(+) To fill the deficit, the U.S. will look to foreign medical graduates in the next decade.

(+) Why not train our own students to meet this crisis head-on?

SourceAmerica Can Help!
(+) Source America facilitates the smooth transition for promising high school graduates into a fully-accredited, 6 year Medical Program in English, in Europe.

(+) Source America is primarily affiliated with three Medical Universities in Bulgaria: Pleven & Sofia Medical Universities.
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