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SourceAmerica, Affordable Medical Education & the Future of Our Healthcare

Over the next ten years, the population in the United States will require greater numbers of healthcare professionals. US medical schools cannot fill this need, and there will be a need for increased numbers of international medical graduates. The situation parallels the current situation concerning the shortage of nurses – the US has opened its doors to nurses from all over the world because American nursing schools cannot keep up with the growing demand for healthcare professionals in this country. Those international medical graduates with US citizenship or residence will have preference in residency placement when they return to the United States.

If the United States has to bring in international medical graduates, then those should be our own children - American students who bypass this ‘bottleneck’ of education by taking a different approach to the typically long and expensive conventional medical education offered locally. SourceAmerica guides students in applying to medical school and becoming successful practicing physicians in the United States or in Europe. For these students, who are the next generation of healthcare professionals in America, Source America offers this Affordable International Program in Medicine. Together with its affiliated universities in Europe, SourceAmerica guides and helps students through the complicated process of application, international immigration and housing/relocation. By providing guidance from past experience, and through contacts in Europe and at the universities, SourceAmerica can facilitate the transition process.

Welcome to your future in medicine. Imagine completing your medical education in 6 years, after high school, while having the experience of a lifetime.

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The 6 Year Medical Program
Students begin their 6 year Med School in Europe after completion of high school.

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Note: No MCAT Tests no SAT Tests are required for either pathway.

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  SourceAmerica's Solutions
Accessibility -
Last year, US medical schools rejected over 10,000 applications from US students, and yet US residencies enrolled thousands of foreign medical graduates in the same year. - To learn more, visit our Affordable Medical School solutions page.
Time -
The European Medical Education is a 6 year program - To learn more, visit the SourceAmerica solutions page.
Cost -
Students save tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Tuitions in Europe range from 9 to 12 thousand dollars per year - To learn more, visit our Affordable Medical Education solutions page.
Practice -
European Medical Students get unmatched ‘hands-on’ experience that their American counterparts do not get until after graduation, in residency - To learn more, visit the Source America Solutions page.
International Validity
- Our Graduates can practice anywhere in the European Union or in the U.S. after passing the USMLE and completing a residency - To learn more, visit our Affordable Medical Program solutions page.

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