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SourceAmerica Expense Guide 2006-2007 (*a)

Expenses Associated with Education
6,000 EURO per year
per year 
to be paid annually
one time
to be paid when ordering
Health Insurance
$40 - 60
per month  
to be paid every month

Expenses Associated with Living in Bulgaria

1/2 of the monthly rent paid once
to be paid prior to leaving for Bulgaria
per month 
varies with quality and/or location
per month
paid as needed
Travel / Entertainment
per month 
varies by student lifestyle
Cell Phone
one time
depends on student
    Phone set-up
one time
one time set-up fee
    Usage Fee
per month
varies by student lifestyle
per month
depends on connection speed

Expenses Associated with Immigration

Bulgarian Visa Fees
one time
to be paid at Slovak embassy in the U.S.
Document Processing
one time
to be paid before processing
Travel to Bulgarian Embassy
per person
paid as needed to travel agent or airline

Expenses Associated with Application

Application Fee
one time
to be paid when applying
Source America Service

one time

to be paid upon notification of admission (*c)
Source America Service Fee Breakup

$4,000.00 at the time of interview.

$4,000.00 After receiving Acceptance letter from Univ.

$4000.00 Before you leave for the University.
What SourceAmerica Will Do

(+) Process documents for international certification and university admissions.

(+) Secure paperwork from the universities as needed for visa processing and immigration.

(+) Lend personal and professional experience as European medical students and US doctors.

(+) Enlist guidance from local, state and national educational associations in America and Europe.

(+) Facilitate the interactions of students with foreign embassies in the United States.

(+) Provide and monitor timelines for application and immigration processes.

(+) Pre-arrange student apartments, dorms or other accommodations.

(+) Assistance with bank-accounts, health insurance, telephones, utilities & various other services.

(+) Send semester student performance summaries sent to parents/guardians (with student consent).

(+) Assist students with service in Europe and information/support for families in the US.

(+) Arrange group discount travel ticket to Bulgaria. Students will be accompanied by Source America's representative and they will be received and escorted to university by Source America's local representative.

(*a) Some expenses may vary slightly since the printing of this expense guide.
(*b) Annual tuition is 6,000 Euros - approximately $9,000. The actual cost in USD may vary slightly with the market.
(*c) Service Fee includes admissions processing, assistance with immigration, student relocation, student assistance service and reintegration into the US system – USMLE and residency counseling. Service fees may be paid in 3 installments of $4000 each, for which there is a 5% convenience surcharge. Installments are due at interview, upon verbal notification of admission & upon receipt of official admission letter.
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